While fishing trips can be fun experiences, you might not enjoy them as much if you fail to catch any. You could miss the fishing spot by just an inch and turn up empty handed or get momentarily distracted and not be able to catch that bass chasing your bait.

Too many factors come into play while fishing that can make or break your game so it is imperative for you to be well-prepared in order to avoid going back home empty-handed.

5 Reasons You Are Not Able to Catch Fish


Summers are not ideal if you’re fishing for bass in the Georgian waters. Similarly the ideal spots for fishing also vary with seasons. For instance, the best spot during fall may not be crowded with fish during the spring season. So, it is very important to research how a fish type may react in that particular season before setting off for your trip.

Water Temperature

Two of the most popular fish varieties found in Georgia, catfish and bass, are more active in the spring when water temperatures start rising. Trout however, disappears into the deeper waters. These depth differences also play a big role in your ability to catch fish.

Time of Day

Mornings and evenings are ideal for fishing as the glare of the Sun is at a minimum. Conversely, midday is the worst time as the sun is at its peak with maximum glare. Cloudy days are the best as anglers get more time to fish. So, if you set out at midday, chances of your success are very slim.

Bait Size

Oftentimes, the success of your fishing experience can depend on something as small as the size of the bait. Even a minute difference in bait size can completely put you off your game. You need to get the right bait for the right fish. For instance, nightcrawler worms are ideal for bass and catfish. Using red wrigglers instead will just make your trip a failure as these fish will not fall for this bait.

Fishing Spot

It is imperative to choose a good spot for your fishing trip. An area with no cover nearby will have very less chances of turning up a good catch than that near cover because fish like to stay in protected environments. Additionally, knowing the fishing spots in your area will also help you figure out spots where fish are abundant.

5 Reasons You Are Not Able to Catch Fish

Conduct your research well, plan out the kind of fish you wish to catch and then take your first step in that direction. We will help you by providing you with premium quality worm varieties at highly affordable prices. Plan well and you will succeed!