There isn’t any fishing bait more popular than worms. And we’ve got just the bait worms you’ll need for your fishing session. First up is the Alabama Jumper. This one loves to live in the ground and enjoys digging deep, powering through hard rocks and densely packed soil. They have a big appetite and come up to the surface to eat decomposing matter, making them ideal for both composting and being raised as fishing worms. When you’re attaching them to the hook, remember that they’re energetic wigglers and can easily jump out of your hand! Next, we’ve got the European Night Crawler—or the Super Reds, as some like to call them. These worms can tolerate a great variety of change in temperature, eat a lot of decomposed matter and are quick breeders, if you’re looking to farm them. Find all these and more bait worms for sale online with us at bargain prices!