Anyone who fishes regularly will tell you that it’s all about the details. If you like fishing because you’re eager to catch bigger fish then you’re probably familiar with the popularity of freshwater worms as the most frequently used bait for fresh water fish as well.

When it comes to bait fishing, it’s all about selecting the right worm if you want to be successful. Fishing can be fun but with the amount of waiting required, it only seems rewarding when you manage to catch something.

No one worm beats out the rest and can be good for catching all kinds of fish. Here are some worms that you should keep an eye out for to purchase to catch the best fish.

Common Night Crawlers

Fishers all over the world absolutely swear by this worm as a staple for fishing. These worms are quite big and when secured firmly in the hook in a way that allows the rest to dangle, they tend to get a lot of attention. They also wiggle a lot and can attract attention easily especially from largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as walleye. Catfish are also known to be attracted to nightcrawlers. It is recommended that for catching trout, the nightcrawler worm should be cut in half to make it more manageable for the smaller mouth of the fish.

Meal worms

Trout fish can be slightly unpredictable and are also easily scared. Worms like red worms are likely to wiggle less so trout are not afraid to approach them. If you’re interested in ice fishing for trout or perch then meal worms or red worms is the way to go.

Red worms

Smaller fish like bluegills, crappie and perch naturally have smaller mouths as well. Hence they are more hesitant to go for bigger worms like night crawlers since they are harder to swallow. This is why they are more likely to be attracted to Red worms.

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