We all know that earthworms are superbly beneficial to have on any place that grows plants. Be it your own rooftop garden, a herding pasture or a farmer’s land—worms are guaranteed to boost soil productivity and promote healthy growth of greens.

Now, you’re probably thinking, how are we endorsing worms with such confidence. Well for starters, science backs it! Secondly, if you’ve ever heard of vermicomposting, you’d know we’re not lying.

The best part is that with all their benefits, worms are really easy to care for! Farmers can easily raise a bunch of worms on their land and not have to worry about the side-effects of artificial fertilizers.

Here’s why you should raise worms on your soil.

1. Do it for the worm castings

Like we mentioned, most farmers tend to worry about the kind of fertilizer they have to use for different crops. Sometimes going all-organic with cow manure doesn’t help either. But worm castings are easily the best fertilizers you can use on any type of crop without any stress. They’re not harsh enough to burn your plants down, so it’s not a big deal if you mess up the quantity.

Another major benefit of worm castings is that it improves the structure of the soil. They little spacing it leaves amid soil particles creates room for air and water to be distributed more evenly.

2. Do it for the worms!

Okay, so worms breed quickly. How is this even a problem?

If you’ve got extra worms on your farm, you can always put them up for different tasks. Take them to a small garden in your personal backyard to rejuvenate the soil there or feed them to the birds!

You could sell them to a poultry farmer who might need food for their ducks and chickens. Save the rest for a family trip to the lake where you can use them as fishing bait.

3. Do it for the compost mix

compost mix

If you’ve placed your worms inside a bin, you can actually collect a liquid that strains through them. This liquid, known as worm tea, may seem a little gross at first but it’s actually chock full of nutrients and microbes. Collect and dilute it. Then put it in a bottle and spray them onto your plants. They’ll thank you for it.


4. Do it for some hard-earned downtime

Farming is one of the most labor-intensive activities to perform. If you’ve got a set of earthworms by your side, you know there’s going to be little to no waste to pick up on your farm. Red wigglers are well-known for their big appetite and can eat several pounds of food scraps in a week. Besides, they multiply at really fast rates, so you can just double their population for no extra cost!

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