Pure Worm Castings

Pure Worm Castings


Free Shipping!!!  Pure Worm Castings.

  • Great for Soil Conditioning
  • Use on all plants for good health
  • Encourages germination and plant growth
  • Pure castings , no fillers

As a natural soil conditioner, earthworm castings encourage germination and plant growth by aeration and water retention. At MeMe’s, we’ve got 100% pure worm castings for sale that are not composted, mixed, or diluted in any way, which means you get over 50% more earthworm castings by volume than in other brands!

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Use it liberally to improve soil beds for vegetables, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and lawns, and it’s excellent for covering small seeds like lettuce, carrots, and onions at planting time. It also improves germination, getting young plants off to a strong, healthy start. The dry formulation is easy to use, since it won’t “burn” even delicate seedlings. Find 100% pure worm castings for sale at MeMe’s Worms!

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