Dry soil, waterlogged soil or just poor in nutrients? If your soil is in bad condition, it’s not going to support the productivity and growth of your plants. And if you’re any bit of a garden lover, then you can understand the pain of having a lifeless outdoor space.

So how do you rejuvenate the soil in your garden and make all the greens zap back to life?

One word: worms.

How Worms Revive the Soil

Worms know what they’re doing. They’ve been digging and inhabiting the earth for over 500 million years. Humans only arrived some 200,000 years ago and we didn’t even begin farming until hundreds of years after. So while we tried to figure out ways to survive and propagate our species, worms carried on decomposing organic waste matter, fertilizing and aerating the soil.

With reference to your garden, the process begins when plants die and their nutrients are locked in the soil. These plants won’t decompose by themselves and their nutrient components like calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus need to be broken down for release or newer plants won’t have any food. So that’s where worms come into the equation.

Worms break down the vegetative waste material. They digest the food and excrete nutrient-rich minerals in the form of castings that serve as the ideal fertilizer solution for your soil.

But that’s not all. Worms also keep your soil clean and aerated as they plow through the earth. This opens up spaces in the soil for plants to receive air and water.

Worms also keep your soil clean

How do European Night Crawlers Improve the Soil

European Nightcrawlers provide an excellent dose of revival to most new lawns and gardens. In fact, these worms are a top favorite for most farmers. These large species are resistant to frequent or sudden temperature changes and can therefore be suited to soils in a variety of locations. They’ve also got an intense appetite so you can rest assured that all your vegetative waste matter is going to be thoroughly decomposed for a nutritious soil. Plus, they’re fast breeders so once you’ve got a pile of them in your garden; you don’t need to worry about their population dying out.

We think the Nightcrawlers are just as good at composting as Red Wiggler worms. Of course, the choice is yours. If you’re looking to buy worms to improve the soil in your garden, shop online at MeMe’s Worms! Purchase everything from fishing worms to compost worms in bulk and get that garden blooming in no time!