Fishing enthusiasts and seafood lovers know the importance of using the right worms for fishing. Even as children we have fond memories of fishing with our fathers and carrying worms with us. Most of us were taught how to hook a worm on the right way by our dads.

Hooking the worm is essential to catching fish. If you’ve mastered this step, then irrespective of what time of the year it is or what season you’re fishing in, or the temperature of the water, you’re bound to catch something.

Here are ways to fish with worms efficiently so your next fishing trip is a success for sure.

Bobber and a Hook

All you have to do is attach a bobber followed by a weight and of course the hook at the end of your fishing line. It’s simple and anyone can do it.

fish small

This is the most classic technique which most fishers are well aware of already. You can use it to alter the depth to which you want to cast your bait. It also allows the bait to move around as much as it wants to and will attract fish as well. This will help you catch panfish and largemouth bass in particular.

This is the perfect rig for beginner level fishers and will let you catch just about anything which is the best you need to make your fishing trip exciting.

Weighted worm rig

If you find yourself fishing in deep water or at a time of the year when fish tend to crows towards the bottom of the lake or ocean, then this technique will surely help you.

This is an easy to make rig and not to hefty on the pocket either. You can take a few gremlin splits to add weight to the hook so it can reach the bottom. When the weighted rig makes it way down lower gradually it will end up attracting more bass.

How to hook worms effectively?

You can use several methods to hook worms properly. The most popular are to cut it into small pieces before it is hooked. This is important when you want to catch fish with smaller mouths.

You can also put multiple worms on one hook through the mid section of the body. After placing it, you can shift it upwards on the shank and add as many till the hook is covered.

These tips are even more useful when you have the right worms for bait. Whether you want night crawlers or earthworms for bait, you can find them on our online store at Meme’s Worms. Buy them in bulk and enjoy bargain prices.