Avid gardeners or people interested in fishing are also invariably worm enthusiasts as well. That’s because worms play a very significant role in both these activities. In fact, worms are very important for sustainability in general, whether it comes to growing plants or catching fish for sustenance.

What are worms used for?

Worms are incredibly beneficial for compost in plants and as bait for different kinds of fish. The most popular are perhaps earthworms and Nightcrawlers. Most often, people refer to both of these as being very similar.

However, there are a lot of differences between the two in terms of their appearance, function and areas of origin as well. Nightcrawlers are also known as dew worms or garden worms because they appear at night when dew forms on grass. Earthworms are also referred as red wigglers and are mostly used in composting.

Let’s look at the differences between the two in what they look like and how they can be used.

Fun facts about Earthworms


  • Red wiggler earth worms are used mostly in worm composting if you’re interested in turning your kitchen leftovers into garden compost.
  • This type of worm is known for eating organic ‘waste’ quite fiercely and voraciously. After doing so they churn out black compost which is extremely fertile and excellent for soil.
  • They can grow to be about four inches long.
  • Like most worms they are able to eat as much as their own weighteach day.
  • Red wigglers are not a viable source of food for snakes as they can poison snakes easily.
  • These kinds of worms can be kept at room temperature easily.

Earthmoving Nightcrawlers

  • Nightcrawlers are usually much larger in size than red wigglers. They also tend to be thicker and can grow up to fourteen inches long!
  • They live underneath the soil in the day and eat nutrients from the soil deep within. They can burrow as deep as six and a half feet.
  • Because they tend to live so deep in the soil, they help in making airways in the soil and can also make the soil more fertile.
  • They are also beneficial as bait for fishing because their extra movement while wiggling and large size can attract certain kinds of fish.

Worms for bait fishing and composting at Meme’s Worms

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