Worms are fascinating little organisms. They look small and simple on the outside but they’ve actually got very complex anatomy. For example, did you know that worms have five hearts? And they have no teeth at all! Who knew these garden dwelling creatures would be so unique.

If you want to know more about worms, read on. We’re sure you’re never going to see them in the same light again after this!

1. Worms don’t have ears, eyes or a nose

Then how do they decompose our waste matter? Well, these organisms have small sensors in their body that allow them to tell the difference between light and darkness. This feature actually supports worm survival because direct sunlight i.e., strong ultra-violet rays can kill them. No surprise they love living deep under the ground!

2. Worms don’t have lungs

So how do they breathe? Through their skin! Air and other liquids are directly absorbed by the pores on their bodies. However, the absorption technique will only work if the worms are moist. That’s why temperature extremes and direct sunlight are considered bad for worms like Super Reds and Alabama Jumpers because that can dry out their moisture. So yes, worm slime is necessary for survival.

3. Worms have tiny hair on their body

You might have thought that worms have very slippery smooth skin thanks to the layer of slime covering them. However, worms have little hair on their skin that allows them to move through hard soil and burrow tunnels easily.

4. Worms are stronger than you think

Don’t even think about putting up a fight with these little critters. They’re about a thousand times stronger than humans! Plus, did you know that if you were to cut a worm in half, it’s other half will continue to survive? It will actually re-grow to its original size. That’s crazy!

5. Worms have different sexes

The worm population quickly reproduces itself thanks to its male worms and female worms. The females lay eggs inside a cocoon that hatches in about a month.

6. Your soil can’t do better than worm poop

Worms eat and decompose organic waste matter only to excrete it in the form of castings that are chock full of nutrients. If you add worm castings to your soil, it’ll boost plant growth and ward off many diseases. It’s actually one of the best organic fertilizers out there!

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