With winter right around the corner, you may be tempted to gather your fishing rods and lures and visit the nearest lake. One of the benefits of fishing in the winters is that freshwater fish gather together, making it easier to reel them in.

However, winter fishing can be a little tricky and needs careful thought.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for winter fishing.

The Correct Attire

Keeping yourself warm should be the top priority.  To eliminate the chances of developing hypothermia, keep your hands and feet warm and dry; insulated and waterproof gloves and boots are what you should be looking for.

Wear a layer of thermals underneath to keep you protected from the extreme weather. Depending on how cold it is, you can opt to wear something to protect your head, as well.

Switching Your Fishing Gear

You’ll have to put in more thought into your equipment when going winter fishing, firstly, consider using line conditioner to avoid tangles, preventing the line from moving through the eyelet.

Apart from this, you’ll benefit from taking your tools to a repair shop and having them altered to fit the weather.

Tips for Fishing in Colder Weather

When Fishing for Bass

You are still able to fish for bass in the winter months. Since fish metabolism slows down during winters, this makes them considerably slower and easier to catch.

When it’s cold, bass tend to look for warmer water. If there are stops with sunlight, you may have luck there.

What might help with catching bass it keeping in mind that they are not always found in the deepest points. The deepest parts are not necessarily the warmest, shallow parts that receive ample sunlight attract fish, and there is also where their sources of food gather. Targeting these areas could really benefit you.

Choosing the Right Bait

As we mentioned earlier, fish move a lot slower in colder water. Thus, it’s better to use live bait, which will also move slowly in colder water, compared to lures.

However, if you’re used to lures, use ones that have feathers/hair attached to them. Furthermore, choose smaller lures. Because fish are not as hungry in the winter, they won’t go for the bigger stuff.

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