Also known as vermicast, worm castings refer to a form of organic fertilizer that’s produced by worms after the digestion of organic materials. They’re football-shaped particles that are odorless and black in color.

Worm castings are recognized as one of the richest fertilizers in the world as they contain a large amount of nutrients and bacteria. The minerals found in worm castings include calcium, nitrates, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. A small plant can feed on just a couple of tablespoons of this natural fertilizer for over 2 months.

What Are The Benefits Of Worm Castings?

The benefits of using worm castings as fertilizer for plants are numerous.

Research states that the rate of germination and growth of seedlings is increased considerably when they’re planted in worm castings. As plant growth is stimulated, garden yields are also increased.

Moreover, worm castings are great soil conditioners; they enhance the quality of the soil by improving its structure, drainage and water retention abilities.

Lastly, worm castings are preferred over chemical fertilizers by many people as they’re free of pesticides and possess the ability to extracts toxins from the soil to prevent plant diseases.

How to Make Worm Castings?

Worm castings can be made by anyone; all you need is a worm bin that’s about 8 to 12-inches deep and has drainage holes at the bottom. The next step involves making a layer with sand or moist newspaper strips at the bottom of the bin then adding compost on top of it. Lastly, put in some food scraps and add your worms to the mix. After the worms consume the food, digest it and release it, you can finally harvest the worm castings.

How Is Worm Casting Used?

Here are the two main ways you can use worm castings for your plants and soil.

The first method can be referred to as top or side dressing. Here, you’ll sprinkle a bit of the fertilizer on top of the soil of your plant. As a result, the plant will grow faster and stay healthy.

The second method is known as germination, where worm casting is added in the seed-starter mix to enhance the growth of the seedlings.

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