Heading out for a fishing session? You’ll need some good old worms to do the trick—and we’ve got a variety of fishing worms for sale! Alabama Jumpers and the European Night Crawler—Super Reds are some of the best worms to buy if you’re looking to catch catfish, panfish and bass. Alabama Jumpers hail from Asia and are highly susceptible to sudden changes in temperature. They’re super energetic and can wiggle happily out of your hand—hence the name. The Big Reds (ENC) aren’t so easily fazed by temperature changes and like moist environments for their dwelling. They also love to eat a lot, so they’re pretty great worms for composting as well as for fishing! But we’ve got another amazing critter—the Red Wigglers. Quick to reproduce and tolerant to a variety of temperature changes, Red Wigglers are nature’s gift to composters! Find numerous kinds of composting and fishing worms for sale here and buy them in bulk!